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Welcome at ProfitProcess
Your expert for Claim Management and Contract Management

Your construction site is our workplace 
and we are present whenever it gets tough with deadlines or budgets.

We actively support your project teams in both respects - technically as well as professionally.
Our service is focused on these key issues:

Your Claim-Manager

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Vor den Tannen 29
26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Fon.: +49 4403 9168595 
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E-Mail: info@profitprocess.de


Contract Management

Especially with large projects it is necessary to provide control that the agreed commitments will be met, therefore it is extremely important for your team to keep track with extensive contracts. We ensure through steadfast Contract Management that all terms of the contract are carried out as agreed. We compare target figures with actual work output, check deadlines, draw up your supplemental offers corresponding to the initial contract and make sure that you will get paid adequately for your excellent work. continue...

Claim Management

On the basis of constant Contract Management we figure out your entitlements for follow-up costs and prolongation of the agreed deadlines, if necessary. Therefore we compare your target figures with the actual state of progress continuously. We draw up the respective supplements and support your team in future negotiations. We take care about the drawing up of notice of reservation and notice of obstruction and in case of emergency our Claim Management is right there to protect you from being sued for breach of contract. continue...

Contract Analysis

We revise your “legal-term-loaded” contracts into understandable ones so that your rather technically orientated team as well as your junior site managers and project managers will be in a position to handle the contracts at ease.
Therefore, we put our emphasis on the legal point of view of contracts and we look closely for traps which- at worst - can lead to huge losses. continue...

Workshops and Training

In order to make your team fit for the new order we offer special workshops to make sure that your team will be actively involved in the new project. The main emphasis of working with your team therefore is:

  • Dealing with unexpected circumstances (unforeseeable obstacles, notice of reservation or notice of obstruction)
  • Taking suitable steps in case of alterations (modified or additional business volumes)
  • Team spirit

Claim-Management & Contract-Management

Active Contract Management is much more than simply administrating contracts. 
Our understanding of Contract Management is to support your team in every contract-relevant respect. 
Besides basic topics, e.g. “what’s in the contract” (business volume, deadlines, remuneration, fees, submitting invoices, meeting commitments, obeying the rules) it is important to show how this all can transferred into practice.

The questions are:

  • How do I react to modified or additional business volumes?
  • How do I react to unforeseeable obstacles?
  • When do I have to declare a notice of reservation or notice of obstruction ?
  • What needs to be done if deadlines cannot be kept?

Usually, we first check “what’s in the contract” and do some analysis work. The result is a contracts version which is then easily understandable for all your technical staff. Furthermore, we work out the results of our analysis together with your team to make sure that everybody in your team can work with the contract without any difficulties – in the office as well as on the building site. 
We make sure that your team doesn’t lose track whenever it gets rough with the daily work routine.

This is what active Contract Management is to us:

  • To work closely with your team
  • Supervision of work to be in accordance with deadlines
  • Prompt and appropriate actions in case of emergencies (delays due to missing conditions or missing  / insufficient preliminary work)
  • Constant supervision of schedules to discover discrepancies as soon as possible in order to take suitable countermeasures
  • To draw up supplemental offers and claims as stipulated in the contract to ensure payment for extra work and adjustment of the agreed deadlines.
  • Preparation and conducting of negotiations with clients and subcontractors according to Claim Management
  • And, last but not least, we do all the “unloved” paperwork for you… 

After more than 20 years of work experience in the construction sector we know everything about sailing around treacherous rocks without being shipwrecked and are happy to support your projects.


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