Contract Management - About us

The management within the technical world is our business.

We use our profound work experience in plant construction to improve your project proceedings.

We help your team with doing the Contract Management and Claim Management and we make your team fit doing a Contract Analysis and offering Workshops or Trainings. We offer first-hand inter-disciplinary support by combining technical, juridical and commercial Know-how.

Furthermore we look back to many years of work experience in this field. We work closely together with our experienced partners to provide competence as well as capacity.

Michael Friese - Contract Manager

Michel Friese - ContractmanagerMeanwhile, I look back on more than 20 years’ work experience in the construction field. During that times I worked for 5 years as a marketing manager, as the manager of a profit center for 7 years and 3 years as a managing director.

Because of this work experience I established ProfitProcess in 2005 and since then we have been very successful in doing Contract Management and Claim Management.

Working in different levels of responsibility (human resources, turnover and outcome) I have gained the overall work experience needed for a successful organization of projects and proceedings and for leading of teams and I have acquired all the necessary skills for customer-oriented approach. Being an engineer of electrical engineering, I am qualified for this job. I attended the Technical College in Kiel first and after that I went to the University of Technology in Brunswick.

This is the basis for my qualification.

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