• Services in im Contract Management
  • Services in Contract Management
  • Services in Contract Management

Workshop and training

Besides our support to actively involve your team in the project we make your team fit for the rough everyday work in a project.

Typically topics of these customized workshops are:

Organisation and forming a team

Forming a team according to the necessary skills (who does what?)

Deciding on internal and external communication lines (who informs who, when and about what?)

Sorting out internal proceedings (what has to be done if /when...?)

Claim and Contract Management

Handling of obstacles on the construction site (to register and cancel a notice of obstruction)

Target – actual comparison of work volume (claiming for supplements)

Making claims for follow-up costs and deadline extensions

Dealing with extensive contracts

The results of our analysis will be worked out together with your team to minimize the risks hidden in complicated contracts.

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