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Claim Management

Changes in completion deadlines and obstructions due to overlapping work on the building site often lead to a re-scheduling of the entire project. Furthermore, adjustments made after signing the contract usually complicate things.

These circumstances justify claims for reimbursement and deadline extensions.
To safeguard your legal rights is our job at Claim Management.

Only a few projects will be actually carried out as planned in the contract.
Most of them suffer from these alterations:

  • Changes of the volume of work and supply
  • Changes of agreed deadlines
  • Overlapping work (of other lots) 

The aim of Contract Management is to continuously compare target figures with the actual status quo regarding to work as well as to timetable.
These adjustments have an immediate impact on expenses and deadlines.     
Additional planning fees, the need for more material and staff,
provision of equipment on the building sites etc. are responsible for higher expenditure.
Even more so, working overtime, at weekends or on bank holidays
let costs rocket.

To adjust expenditures to the new situation is part of Claim Management. At first we assign those costs to the circumstances which are responsible for the increase in costs.
We also pay attention to the consequences with respect to deadlines. Besides the immediate impact for the project we have a close look at the long-term consequences as well.

As soon as we get the results, our Claim Management makes contract-complying claims with regard to follow-up costs as well as to temporal effects (deadlines), known as the “polluter-pays-principle”.
Usually this is done by supplementary offers.
But even at the worst, Claim Management provides everything to take legal action.

The second pillar of Claim Management is the issue “unforeseeable obstacles” during the process of scheduling.

The reasons for a slowdown often are:

  1. necessary documents haven’t come in on time
  2. preliminary work of other companies involved has been done poorly or not been done at all, and
  3. scheduling and/or coordination mistakes of the entire project.

Consequently, it is no longer possible to fulfill your commitments as initially agreed.

Those obstacles usually result in standstills and waiting, a reduced efficiency and additional costs due to “pacemakers”, such as shift work, working at weekends and on bank holidays. 
The time needed to complete the job has to be adjusted as well.

There are legal rights arising from the above mentioned impediments with regard to additional costs and the prolongation of deadlines.
Claim Management is there to safeguard your legal rights by drawing up a notice of obstruction. Within these proceedings there are rules and regulations to be obeyed. A non-complying of these rules often means losing your legal rights. With a steadfast Claim Management losses can be avoided.

The effects of each single obstruction will be recorded, notified and matched to the original cause of obstruction by Claim Management. Afterwards we support your team in the negotiations. 
In that way we increase your chance to get paid for your extra work.

For example: see chapter “references

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