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Reference - Contract analysis

A contract is some kind of a puzzle in which many parts must be put together. We make this puzzle comprehensible for your technically-orientated staff in the office as well as on the building site.

A supplier for special technical equipment had always delivered directly to the manufacturing industry. Because of the enlargement of his business activities this supplier received an order from the public sector (contract for work and services).

ProfitProcess analyzed these contracts with special regard to the rules on this “new playground”.

On the one hand we developed a “leaflet” for the project manager and his team, providing them with the special terms of the VOB/B, i.e. claims for follow-up costs, notification and cancelling of notice of obstruction, notification of notice of reservation.

On the other hand we pointed out the risks given in this contract for work and services and we gave our advice to dealing with it.

In this way, the new project could be carried out successfully.

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